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Social Activities

At ACCESS we firmly believe that a successful language course does not just depend on excellent teaching and accommodation. A comprehensive and well organized leisure program is equally important.

Practice your English outside the classroom!

We know that there are many schools that do not share our strong belief in the value of learning through leisure. But, in our opinion, a well-designed leisure program should play an integral part in the overall learning process and so be an absolute necessity for any good school.

A successful learning through leisure program:

  • helps you learn how to speak English with native English speakers.
  • gives you varied opportunities to practice English with other people in real situations.
  • promotes your understanding of culture and tradition which helps you learn the language better.
  • enables you to make friends from all over the world, often for life.
  • broadens your horizons and experience of life.
  • keeps you happy so that you are always fully interested and motivated in your class work.

At ACCESS we believe that learning a language should be fun. That’s why every Friday afternoon our Activities Coordinator or your teacher will take you and your classmates on trips to interesting places and join you in exciting activities around Toronto.

Some possible trips/activities include:

  • CN Tower
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • maple syrup farm
  • making Canadian pancakes
  • Pioneer Village
  • tours of local universities
  • water slide park
  • ice skating
  • and many more!

These afternoon trips are a great time to get to know your classmates and teachers. With our English only rule, our trips and activities give you the perfect chance to practice your English… the natural way!

Evening Activities

Meet people! At ACCESS, we want our students to get to know each other and enjoy their stay in Canada to the fullest. That’s why we help arrange regular special activities. Students can get together to enjoy a movie, have a beer at a bar, watch a video, play baseball, as well as many other exciting events.

Some of our activities also include Canadian-style traditional parties. In October come to our Halloween party where you can dress up in a costume. And at our Christmas carolling party, together we can have fun singing Christmas songs to Canadian families at their homes. We have a wide variety of activities to choose from, so if you don’t want to do one thing, you can do something else. Participation in our activities is optional, but if you want to understand Canadians and their way of life, this is your chance!