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Stay with a Canadian Family - Homestay

Do you want as much practice as possible speaking English? Staying with a Canadian host family is the best way for you to make the most of your time in Canada. It is also the most popular choice for our students.

Student Residence

If you like to have more independence you may prefer to live in one of Toronto’s student dormitories or youth hostels. Many are located within 15 minutes of the school. Some dormitories include breakfast, however in most cases meals are not included. Usually there are shared kitchen facilities and a TV lounge. Some dormitories also have exercise facilities.

Private Apartment

For students, couples or business executives looking for a special place to stay, ACCESS has a luxury furnished condominium available for rent on a weekly basis. You may also wish to live by yourself in an apartment or share with friends. ACCESS have the best options available for your stay in Toronto.