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If you like to have more independence you may prefer to live in one of Toronto’s student dormitories or youth hostels. Many are located within 15 minutes of the school. Some dormitories include breakfast, however in most cases meals are not included. Usually there are shared kitchen facilities and a TV lounge. Some dormitories also have exercise facilities.

Living in a student dormitory or youth hostel is a good way to meet other international and local students.

To book a dormitory/ residence / youth hostel / hotel you have two choices:

You reserve (no charge)

Ask us for more information. We will send you a list of student dormitory / residence/youth hostel / hotel names and contact information so you can contact them directly.

We reserve (CAN $235)

We can arrange a dormitory / residence/ youth hostel / hotel for you. Ask us for more information. We will send you photos and detailed information along with recommendations. Make your selection and we will take care of the reservation for you.

** Please note that most dormitories are only available only from April to August. They fill-up quickly and must be reserved well in advance.

Accommodation fees


Accommodation Placement Fee (one-time fee) $235
Residence (private room - weekly) $200 - 300