Our School

Small multi-national classes, an excellent homestay, and special activities every day.

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Meet our Teachers

Our teachers are native English speakers, Canadian university graduates, with certificates in TESL/TEFL.

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Access Advantages

Small classes, central downtown location, great teachers, and superior student satisfaction.

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Great Staff

ACCESS Teachers

ACCESS teachers are experienced and professional.  They are university graduates, native English speakers,  and hold certification in TESL (Teaching English As A Second Language). ACCESS teachers have exposure to teaching English overseas, as well as extensive experience teaching English to students of a variety of nationalities, ages, and abilities.  At ACCESS you will be in classes with students of many different nationalities.  ACCESS teachers understand the subtle differences in approach needed when teaching multinational classes ie: a Japanese student versus a Mexican student. They possess the knowledge and strategies required to get the most out of each and every student. Your teachers will care about you and will take an active interest in helping you to improve your English to the best of your ability.. At ACCESS, you will have the opportunity to achieve your full potential in English.  

ACCESS Support Staff

ACCESS' Support Staff are in charge of our students' well-being both inside and outside of school.  Our Activities Coordinator plans exciting activities, trips, and special events, and publishes a new Activity Calendar every month.  

Our staff will provide you with valuable information related to your stay in Canada such as: university/college brochures and applications, visa information, touring information, directions, and travel advice.  Just ask one of our staff and they'll be happy to help you find whatever you're looking for.

Here Are Some Ways ACCESS Staff May Help You:

  • extending your visa
  • applying to colleges / universities
  • planning / booking a weekend trip
  • giving you directions
  • answering homestay questions & problems
  • finding a doctor
  • recommending a restaurant, pub, night club or festival
  • answering any questions you may have about living in Toronto
  • helping you with anything you have a question about!

ACCESS Director of Studies

ACCESS' Director of Studies is responsible for overseeing both the curriculum and teachers. Our Director of Studies regularly evaluates teachers, and sets out the framework and standards that all teachers follow.  While at ACCESS, if you have any questions related to your course, teacher, progress, or evaluation, we encourage you to speak with our Director of Studies. The door to her office is always open.  

ACCESS Directors

ACCESS Directors are husband & wife team, Ian & Wendy.  We began our adventure in 1995 as English teachers abroad, and turned our dream of owning our own English language school into a reality in 1999.  We love travel and meeting people from around the world, and are excited to introduce you to the beautiful city of Toronto!  Our objective is to help each and every student achieve their English language goals.  We look forward to getting to know you.  Feel free to stop by our office to just say hello, or ask us any questions. 

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