English Program Application

English Program Application

Thank you for applying to Access English!

We guarantee you'll make the most of your learning with our experienced teachers, excellent nationality mix, small classes, great downtown location, and lots of activities.

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Fill this form, starting the next page. Add as many details as possible.


Pay the application fee by credit card or bank transfer.


Wait for your Letter of Acceptance and tuition invoice from ACCESS (by email).


Apply for your Canadian visa (only if required).

Information on applying for Canadian visa


Pay your tuition fees by credit card or bank transfer.


CAN $175 non-refundable application fee required for processing.

  • Before completing this application form, please carefully read our Refund Policy and Conditions.
  • This application form can only be completed online.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot send any letters of acceptance before receiving the application fee.

Student Information

Please start by telling us your name, country of residence, and country of citizenship:

Total Beginner High Advanced (near fluent)


Thank you for selecting Residence/Dormitory as your accommodation option. We will contact you shortly for confirmation of preferences.

Please take into account that the accommodation option will not be considered in the price estimate at the end of this form.

Thank you for selecting Furnished Apartment as your accommodation option. We will contact you shortly for confirmation of preferences.

Please take into account that the accommodation option will not be considered in the price estimate at the end of this form.


While we try to fulfill homestay preferences, we cannot make any guarantees (except in the case of allergies). Read more below.

Family Options

(the choices below cannot be guaranteed):

NOTE: While we try to fulfill homestay preferences, we cannot make any guarantees (except in the case of allergies).

We have many types of homestay families. Although you cannot specifically choose your family, you can tell us what kind of family you prefer. We will do our best to match you with a host that meets your preferences.

** Please note that we will never place you in a homestay with another student who speaks your language (unless you request it).

Travel Information



Health Information

General Information

Books and Materials Fees

A $ 10/week materials fee will be applied.

A refundable $ 100 textbook deposit will be applied. This fee will be refunded at the end of your program, when your books are returned in good condition.


Total Costs


This is an approximate cost. After you submit this form, and pay the application fee, we will review your application, and send you a link with a confirmed cost, so you can make the full tuition payment.

Refund Policy

ACCESS must be notified in writing about any changes or withdrawals. In all cases, the Application Fee (CAN $175) and Accommodation Placement Fee (CAN $275) are non-refundable.

Refunds to students who enrolled through a representative must be collected from the representative. ACCESS cannot be responsible for any additional fees charged by agents.


Students to whom admittance to Canada has been refused are entitled to a refund of all prepaid fees, except for the Application and Accommodation Placement Fees.

Students must notify the school in writing and return the original Letter of Acceptance and original letter of denial from the Canadian immigration authorities. The school must be notified in writing at least 14 days before the course start date or a CAN $200 cancellation fee will be charged. If the school is notified of a denied visa on or after the course start date, a refund is given according to our policy below.


Students wishing to postpone their start date must contact ACCESS at least 14 days before the original start date, or an administration fee of CAN $200 will be charged.



Once ACCESS’ Letter of Acceptance has been sent to the student, refunds will not be considered until the student undertakes the following:

  1. Returns Original Letter of Acceptance to ACCESS
  2. Provides a letter or email from the Canadian Embassy in their country stating that either the student did not apply for a visa, or a visa to Canada has not been granted to the student.

Failure to provide such documentation will result in no refund.

There will be no refunds or extensions for late arrival, failure to arrive, early departure, or early dismissal. In rare cases, when the school is unable to provide a general English language course placement, a full refund will be issued. No refunds will be given for instances when ACCESS is unable to provide a placement in a Focus course (i.e. TOEFL Preparation, Conversation, Business Communication, English for Medicine, IELTS Preparation). In rare situations beyond our control, such as war, acts or threats of terrorism, health alerts, travel alerts/advisories, or natural disasters the refund policy for both courses and homestay will not apply. In these situations, there will be no refunds issued and only course deferral will be permitted.


Refunds on prepaid tuition will not be given to students requesting course changes. Courses are non-transferable.


A minimum of the first 4 weeks of homestay rent must be prepaid in advance, along with the Accommodation Placement Fee and Airport Pickup Fee (if requested). The remaining 4-week periods of homestay rent may be prepaid in advance, or paid every 4 weeks directly to the school at least 14 days before the start of each 4-week period.


If a student postpones or cancels less than 14 days before the first scheduled day of homestay, one full 4-week period of homestay rent will be charged.

Students who withdraw from ACCESS are also required to withdraw from our homestay program. Postponements and cancellations must be received in writing. No refund will be given for the remainder of the current 4-week period if a student withdraws from the homestay/school after rent payment is made.

Students who wish to withdraw from homestay after it has started must give the school 14 days advance written notice. A cancellation charge of CAN $200 will apply, and all prepaid homestay fees for subsequent 4-week periods will be refunded. If less than 14 days advance written notice is given, the following 4-week period of homestay rent will not be refunded.


During a student’s first 4-week period, they may request to change to another homestay with no penalty. After the first 4-week period, there will be a CAN $100 Relocation Fee for all homestay relocations. A student’s specific homestay request (e.g. private bathroom, no dog, etc.) may affect the time it takes to relocate the student to a new homestay.


  1. Students are responsible for obtaining their own visas or documents allowing them to enter and remain in Canada.
  2. Students must respect the school’s regulations. Students who are absent from more than 50% of their classes may be dismissed from the school without refund.
  3. ACCESS will not be responsible for loss, damage, or theft of any student’s personal belongings.
  4. Although ACCESS strives to maintain the originally planned activities, schedules, and services, the program is subject to change due to special circumstances.
  5. ACCESS, or its appointed agency, will select a host family from those available, based on the information provided on the homestay application form, and cannot guarantee that all personal preferences will be met.
  6. Students must respect all rules set by the host family. Any damage to ACCESS or host family property will be charged to the student.
  7. ACCESS reserves the right to dismiss, without refund, any student who, after being warned and asked to correct his/her inappropriate behaviour continues to act in an inappropriate manner either at the school or in any ACCESS arranged accommodation.
  8. ACCESS will not be held liable for any personal accident or injury resulting from participation in activities related to our program or homestay.
  9. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he/she has adequate medical coverage and remains covered throughout the duration of their program at ACCESS and in Canada.
  10. Students must abide by the conditions outlined above. ACCESS International reserves the right to dismiss, without refund, any student failing to abide by these conditions.

Electronic Signature (eSignature)

I consent and agree that by using a key pad, mouse or other device to select an item, button, icon or similar act/action while using any electronic service Access International English Language Centre, Ltd. offers; or in accessing or making any transactions regarding any document, agreement, acknowledgement, consent, term, disclosure, or condition constitutes my signature, acceptance and agreement as if actually signed by me in writing. Further, I agree that no certification authority or other third party verification is necessary to validate my electronic signature; and that the lack of such certification or third party verification will not in any way affect the enforceability of my signature or resulting contract between me and Access International English Language Centre, Ltd.

Activitiy Waiver

Exclusion of Liability - Assumption of Risk

As a condition of involvement in all activities at ACCESS International English Language Centre, the student assumes all risk of person injury, death, or property loss resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to the inherent risks of these activities, use of equipment, collision with man-made or natural objects or other students, travel within or beyond designated boundaries, or negligence, breach of contract, or breach of statutory duty of care on part of ACCESS International and its employees, directors and agents. The student agrees that ACCESS International and its employees, directors and agents shall not be liable for any such personal injury, death, or property loss and release ACCESS International and its employees, directors and agents and waive all claims and respects thereto. This includes all transport to and from these activities arranged by ACCESS International and its employees, directors, and agents.

This means that the student is fully responsible for anything that happens during activities organized by ACCESS. The student does not have to do any activity he/she does not want to. It is the student's responsibility to ensure he/she has adequate insurance coverage.

Application Fee Payment

Please make the payment within 48 hours after submitting your application. After making your payment, you will receive a confirmation within 2 business days.

After the confirmation, we will send you the tuition and accommodation payment instructions by e-mail.

As soon as your application fee of CAD $175 is received, you will receive more information, along with the payment link so you can pay for your full tuition.

Send e-transfer to [email protected] (no pasword required)

Price: $175.00