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Taught by ACCESS' most popular teachers, virtual classes are as close to sitting in a real classroom at ACCESS as you can get. Through video, students can see & hear the teacher, see and hear other students, share documents and record sessions. Since classes are small and personalized (maximum 12 students), students can easily interact with one another, share ideas, and get lots of attention from their teacher. Just as classes at ACCESS are focused on speaking and conversation, so are the virtual lessons. We use the same curriculum, including the same coursebooks and materials so students will learn exactly what they would if they were sitting in a classroom at ACCESS. ACCESS VIRTUAL makes learning English easy!




20 lessons / week $100 per week



10 lessons / week $70 per week



  • Technical requirements: use a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • start classes any Monday
  • students will be given a level pre-test prior to being assigned to classes
  • all learning materials are included
  • ACCESS certificate of completion at end of course
  • ACCESS Virtual students who book a course at ACCESS ' Toronto school within 12 months will receive a 20% discount on tuition
  • This is a special offer for new registrants only
  • Cannot be combined with other offers


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